New programme Sept-Nov 2017

We’re pleased to announce a new programme of events from September to November 2017. This is our most packed three months to date, covering artist talks and performances, circuit bending workshops, DIY synths, software workshops and livecoding meetups with a diverse range of artists including Maria Chavez, Joanne Armitage, Ewa Justka and Ray LeeCheck out the full programme here.  

October 7th & 8th – Workshop – Sketching an Interactive Musical Instrument with Sensors, Arduino and PureData

During the workshop you will be introduced to the basics of working with Arduino micro controller and interfacing it with a computer software in order to generate, control and manipulate sound. We will use open source hardware and software (Arduino / pure data) to create a sound control patch using buttons, switches, potentiometers and sensors. By the end of the workshop every participant will have built a project that they can take home and develop further. Find out more!